Meet Rikkí Wright, the Photographer Exploring Community and Sisterhood

Featured Image: Rikkí Wright

For women today, the support of a sisterhood or community – whether it be through friends, housemates, or people online – is a precious thing. Rikkí Wright, a Los Angeles-based photographer, is giving appreciation for sisterhood in her stunning imagery. By using tones to make an everyday moment seem serene, Wright casts an elusive over her images which ‘tell a story that springs from the truth of lived experience’. And so, we caught up with Wright to learn about her background and how she uses in such a heartfelt way.


Image from series ‘Stronger Together’ by Rikkí Wright via forever


Tell us a little bit about yourself, where are you from? What led you to becoming a photographer? How did you develop your style?
I am from Champaign, IL, but I have spent most of my life in the South. I now live in Los Angeles. My aunt was a photographer and owned a photo studio that I would visit a lot as a child. Having her around, and just being naturally creative, I was drawn to photography. When I was 13 my uncle bought me my first digital camera and I remember we took a family vacation to San Fransisco and I documented the entire trip with that camera. I still have those photos. My style of photography is very warm in every sense of the word. The tones that I choose to use are warm tones, the way that I edit and my style of photography is influenced by the warm colors the sun gives off when reflecting on someone or something. I LOVE shooting women in their natural state, that has become a huge part of my portfolio over the past couple of years.


Image from the series ‘Female Form Exalted’ by Rikkí Wright via


How would you describe your relationship/connection with photography?
Photography is my art and my camera has always been my choice of weapon. Nature and the environment that I live in is always constant inspiration for me. I’m inspired daily by my surroundings, I see beauty in a lot of things, like, in almost everything, and I want to capture that.


What does sisterhood mean to you?
Sisterhood is a concept of community that I am exploring on the daily basis. That is why I created the series “SIS.” (Rikkí’s series ‘Sis’ was her first solo show to be exhibited; it was held in ‘Junior High’ art space in Los Angeles. Have a look at images from the series here:


Image from the series ‘Soft Beauty’ by Rikkí Wright via


What message would you like people to understand from your work?
I love authentic moments and that’s what I try to capture. Authenticity is what I want people to see and understand.


What’s next for you?
What’s next for me is working more with motion and film, and a series about Motherhood.


Learn more about Rikki Wright’s work here.